“On The Go Bag” for the Park or whatever….

I need to remember to pack a small bag with a large blanket and a water bottle, oh, and bug spray!

For watching fireworks, sitting at the park listening to music, or bringing the kids to the beach.

It sounds so simple…..

But I always forget!!

I have done this for our swim bag.   A swimsuit for each of us with all goggles, footwear, sunscreen and towels.  Why can I never remember to put this other one together?!?  Do you know what I think?  It was easy for our swim stuff.  I bought this over-sized bag that screamed (I resisted putting that in all caps – you’re welcome) screamed beach bag.  It fits everything we need.

But I have no….  no bag that says “Lay around on the grass on this blanket” Bag.  Really – that is the best I could come up with (I’ll apologize now and work on it later.)

It would have to be large enough for a large blanket or mat or something…

and here is where all the questions start for me:

A blanket?  It does no good if the grass is damp.  So do I look for a fold out mat that fits a family of 5?  Do they even exist?  Bah!!!   This is why there is no packed bag!

Do you have an answer to this?  Comment below!   If I find an answer I will post here!!


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