Wednesday. June 26, 2013…………………..Day 7/60

I know it is probably mostly in my head, but I feel like I have lost weight already!  I promised I would not step on the scale or take my measurements until the two week mark and I am having a hard time resisting.  But I set that rule so that I couldn’t get depressed by the results (or lack there of) and give up.

I think it might be enough this time… the difference = the way I feel!

I think another advantage of this program is that when you go on the Team Beach Body website(I only have the free thing) the page that you enter your weight on – also has all your measurements – so it is almost an all or nothing action.  It’s not just stepping on the scale.  and you can’t just look at the numbers on that scale – you have to look at the inches that have changed as well!

I am going to stick to not measuring for another week and today I will have my shake for lunch today after a brief walk just to help me warm up my muscles.

Each morning I repeat my new mantra, “life changes require lifestyle changes”.  It may seem corny but I even think it when I am going about my day and I want to focus on a change I want.  For example, I really want to not rely on coffee for a pick me up.  So every time I glance at the coffee machine I think my corny mantra and force myself to smile for the next minute (and look away from the coffee machine, lol)  At first I felt ridiculous, but now I hold that smile much longer…  I don’t count it out… I just enjoy! 🙂



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