Tuesday. June 25, 2013…………………..Day 6/60

I am completely proud that I am on track with this program!  Tomorrow I get a day of rest and already I am tense about it… I don’t want to!  The workouts are incredibly difficult. I literally drip sweat.  I make my shake right after my workout and the whole time – I sweat.  dripping. I have taken to putting a towel around my neck to catch it.  My shake recipe – I love!!

I stir the scoop of tropical Shakeology into 6oz of Orange juice. I put the following in the blender: 2 Strawberries, 2tblspns of Plain yogurt, 2 ice cubes, then add the drink, blend and I love it!!  Love it!  I think back to the first Shake I made using water and ice cubes and how it tasted like sand and oh how I was terribly mistaken!

I am limiting myself to just the one shake after my morning workout.  I watched Extreme Weightloss tonight and the contestant almost seemed addicted to the shakes they started him on – to the point of malnutrition.  I am certainly not wanting to head in that direction!

Tonight I also walked 3.02 mi (6,040 steps) with my oldest.  Healthy lifestyle changes can not occur to a Mom alone.  The whole family should be incorporated, right? Right!  She loved it – we chatted the whole way!  Once a week I should do this with her!

I probably should make an appearance at the gym we belong to – one of these days… I am just having so much fun at home!  Instead of worrying about what everyone thinks about what I am trying to do – I can focus on how I feel doing the exercises, perfect the form of each exercise and concentrate on becoming a better me!


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