To begin with…

I have 3 kids.

They outnumber us – so we decided we are done.

I only wish I would have started this while pregnant with the first one, but I have no interest in building a time machine so now will have to do.

I have an pre teen girl

I have a 6yr old boy

I have a 5 yr old girl

Now take a look at everything else I have in my hands and the dawning occurs as to why I want a place I can sort out my thoughts!!

I believe every parent is a “Super”.  It’s in no way slamming those who do not have children – you can be super too – but I am highlighting the efforts of those who parent.  (Reading this blog is optional so you can leave if you don’t like it.)

There is nothing else that quite rightly forces us to give up our selfish thoughts.  Makes us WANT to put someone else’s welfare before our own.


showing our children that we must keep fit, healthy, individual is also a priority.

One that I fear too many people overlook.

My children know without a single doubt that I love them.  When I take my evening walk –  they understand that when I walk out the door I am working to maintain my health so that I am there for them as long as I can be.  THAT is a message I want my children to know and carry forward into their lives.

So anyway, this is my forum to vent about balancing all that encompasses parenting.  The funny things, the scary things, the makes-you-want-to-pull-your-hair-out things!!


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