Thursday. June 20, 2013…………………..Day 1/60

Day 1 out of 60 So excited…. my BeachBody order has arrived!!   Never thought I would be excited to open a box full of torturous workouts and a bag of powder, but I am.  I ordered the challenge pack of Insanity and Shakeology (because sold separately it would have been another $30).    It was 200.  I am going to wring every cent of weight loss out of this program that is possible so I don’t ever have to feel guilty about spending that money!  (That is no drop in the hat for us btw and the decision took me over 7 months to make.  In that time a friend of mine lost over 70 lbs doing this stuff.  So I finally had it.  It’s my turn.)

It’s my turn!

Day 1/60 Photos….. Good Lord – I hope to celebrate looking different from this very soon!!



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