Skipping the Skittles: Just do the work!

J.Lyn * The 1/2 crazed Fitness Freak

I say half crazed because I don’t resemble anyone you see on T.V. puffing and huffing their sales pitch on perfect remedies for a perfect body.

Although my breathing sounds huffy/puffy with a side of choky, gaggy and puky when I am working out – I promise to save you from the sight!  I am overweight by health standards, though most people who know me would never accurately guess just how heavy I am. Before you read too much into this – no I am not happy with it.  I have been trying to change this for some time, but until recently I wasn’t even embarrassed about it.  I told myself that I was focused on my family, that you can’t have three kids and not have a little extra, I told myself whatever I had to in order to ignore the fact that I dropped the “healthy/fit ball”.  For New Years I faced it.  I admitted I wasn’t taking care of this body.  I quit drinking soda.  I joined a gym and even with everything else I managed to get in 8 workouts a week (at least twice a week I went two times a day.  Let me tell you about working out at a health gym that claims it is for everyone (but unless everyone but me over 120lbs has died)  isn’t really for everyone.  I brought my alter ego Supermom and convinced myself that I didn’t care if they saw me fat – because soon enough they would see me skinny.  One week transformed into two then one month then three and do you know what I lost?  Nothing.  I actually gained 10lbs.  Twelve to be exact.  It devastated me.  (Keep in mind I ate healthy as well).

So what the h – e – double-hockey-sticks was going on????

I dug deep.  Literally.  I researched and researched.  Looking at facts, looking at where they got the facts.  Laughed hysterically about where some people got their info and at how ridiculously difficult it is to find the right info.

At some point I put it altogether.  But this wasn’t an “aha moment” I thought it should be.  Instead it was a gathering of data.  Facing my own history of what I did to my body.

I worked in restaurants.  Now before you say “aha” let’s turn the angle of the picture and let me show you behind the scenes.

It was never “ooooooohhhhh, look at all this delicious food!  I must eat all day!” (Those of you with restaurant experience know it never happens this way, in fact there are many dishes you can’t even )

Instead it was wake up, go to class (hopefully make it on time).  Get done with class. home. shower. change. Run out the door (hopefully make it on time/early).  Work.  Get done between 8pm and 11pm.  Realize I am effing starving so order and inhale whatever food is easy for the cook to make when the kitchen is mostly shut down or rifle through my own fridge when finally home and eat whatever is handy.

Over the years I replaced taking care of children with school, but the rest of the schedule stayed about the same.

Breakfast?  What is that? 

Don’t get me wrong… it’s not that I never had breakfast.  Sometimes I ordered it for dinner.  Sometimes we got invited to my Mom’s for a brunch.  But all in all – it was rare not the norm.

I realized I have starved my body.  I typically eat healthy (when I eat) so I never thought twice about it.   Then add in all these workouts and my body was clinging desperately to every fat cell I had.  At least this is the conclusion that makes sense.

So now here is where I admit… I know a girl.  We met on the PTG of our kids school and at some point I knew she moved out of state.  I knew this because we are facebook friends, I just don’t remember how we became facebook friends.  I never deleted her because I liked her posts.  In general she came across as real.  Then about 8 or 9 months ago I noticed her profile picture changed and it changed again a few months later and every time she was very apparently smaller.  I remember catching a post about this incredible Skakeology thing she and her family were loving.

As I looked up the website – I will say my first thought was “It looks like every other scammers webpage.”   (Imagine Kohl’s vs. Any seen on TV webpage – yeah – it resembled the latter.)

But could this be the way to shock my body into guaranteed nutrition so that it would finally let go of all that stubborn excess???

Well – I am here writing, documenting to let you know how it all turns out!!

And to wrap up this piece in a tidy bow – resolving the 1/2 crazed question I know is still burning in the back of your minds…

I do have a full crazy.  I save it for women and men who have:

a) never had children

b) never been more than 2 lbs overweight

c) never experienced being unable to do an exercise because body parts are just too large and in the way to be able to do it properly.

d) have no PhD, no Masters, no Degree what-so-ever

but are convinced that spewing rainbows and sunshine qualifies them to be able to tell you how to change your life/body. Skittles most definitely are not the answer for this lady so keep away!

— — — — — —

So here I am starting a new program. One of those programs that I would normally shut off before the first sweat droplet hits the ground. I am really excited to change my body, be healthier and accomplish my goals!! And most importantly I am willing to work at it from an exercise AND nutrition standpoint!!!

I will be updating daily what I am doing and how I am doing and hopefully you can witness a journey that when replicated provides fabulous results!!

3… 2… 1… INSANITY + Shakeology – – GO!!


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